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Join the Community: Special Offers for BOPL 2020 Attendees and Microservices 2020 PC Members

Join innovators, professionals, and experts into one of the largest world-wide communities around Microservices.

Members of the Microservices Community have access to resources and a network of peers to help them acquire new skills, shape their career, and advance in their professional development.

Become a Community Member

Members can join as individuals, organisations (corporate and academia), or special nonprofit organisations (NPOs) like Open Source projects. View our discounted membership tiers for individuals or organisations that participated in BOPL 2020 or served as PC members of Microservices 2020.

All listed fees grant a membership in the MC for one year.
  • BOPL 2020 Attendee:
    • Discounted annual membership fee for individuals with other professional backgrounds than academia: 100€ 50€
    • Discounted annual membership fee for individuals affiliated with an academic institution: 50€ 25€

  • Microservices 2020 Attendee: Free one-year membership.
All listed fees grant a membership in the MC for one year.
Type Corporate
Full (discounted)
Bronze 5 representatives 250€ 125€
Silver 15 representatives 500€ 250€
Gold 25 representatives 750€ 375€
Platinum Unlimited 1,500€ 750€
Academia (discounted)
Bronze 5 representatives
10 students
120€ 60€
Silver 15 representatives
30 students
250€ 125€
Gold 25 representatives
50 students
375€ 187.50€
Platinum Unlimited 750€ 375€

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Microservices Community as an individual or organisation, please fill out our membership form:

Send a scan of the completed form to bmaschio at microservices dot community. The Council of the Microservices Community will then decide upon your request within two weeks after its receipt. We will continuously inform you about the progress of your membership request.